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 I come to you!  In Home Dog  Grooming servicing  London Ontario , Hyde Park, Lucan and other close by areas.  

The Scoop

In Home Dog Grooming is quickly becoming a very popular grooming option for busy families who want the best for their pet. 

By choosing My Dogs Groomer- Nicole a Certified Pet Stylist grooms your pampered pet in the comfort of your home. She can set up anywhere near an outlet and keeps grooming area tidy as she clips with her fancy schmancy Romani Clipper Vac . Weather permitting she can even groom outside!  


Why In Home Dog Grooming?


Convenience is one  of the major benefits of mobile grooming as the groomer comes to you so you avoid having to schedule drop off and pick up times at a salon.

Less stress Some pets experience separation anxiety when you leave them at a groomer or become anxious or car sick on the way there. I now regularly groom a happy Bichon who was previously so nervous about going to the grooming salon that on 2 separate occasion had seizures in the car while enroute to be groomed - It has been a year since he has had an episode and loves being groomed at home.

One on One attention I focus on one pet at a time from start to finish -same Groomer. The need to successfully manage a busy grooming  salon  often means that employees are multitasking to get the jobs done on time. Sometimes this means using hands-free processes such as crating or cage drying to manage the job-most dogs hate this as it can over heat and dehydrate them.

I have just listed a few of the many benefits as I'm sure you get the idea.  



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Refer a friend who uses our services and receive $5 off your next groom,

 (only 1 per visit)

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 Post a picture of our Car showing our advertisement on back windows  to  Facebook and receive a complimentary Spa service valued at $8 to redeem on your next groom

Nail Trimming Service


$35 first dog $10 each additional pet.

Pre book Nail trim every 4-6 weeks and save!


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