A Note On Pricing .......


My Dogs Groomer currently offers  Full  Spa Grooms as well as a Nail Clipping  Service. Both these services are available as "Turn Key"  or while your home. Call for details.  

Dogs with matted or very thick coats, or temperamental personalities often take extra time & care , in which case the price is reflective of the additional time involved. 

Prices for full spa  grooms start at $68. Please call for a quote / estimate .  My prices include my coming out fee. 

Please let me know when booking your appointment if your dog has any grooming challenges so that I can set aside an appropriate amount of time for your dogs appointment. 

Full Spa Groom includes:

2x's wash with all natural shampoo & conditioners, blow dry, 15 min light brushing,haircut  or deshedding, ears cleaned /plucked, teeth brushed/, nails clipped/filed, pads, sanitary, spritz of cologne, bow tie or bandana. 

* Depending on Breed /condition/temperament  please allow approx 2 hours  for the full  grooming experience.

*Keeping your pet on a regular grooming schedule keeps them familiar and more comfortable with the grooming process!  . 

Nail Trim Only Service $35 for 1st dog this includes my coming out fee $10 each additional pet.

Thank you for looking and I hope to hear from you soon.

Nicole Harding 

Certified Pet Stylist

519-878-6214 (call or text)

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